Monday, 6 October 2014

New Bathroom Website

Many of the basic questions about having a new bathroom designed and installed are on our website I have been re-writing the content in 2014.
Have a look here:

Sunday, 3 November 2013

Want a New Bathroom before Christmas?

The very end of October is too late to contact a reputable and established company to get a quote for a new bathroom if you want it installed before Christmas.
Yet someone did just that to us a few days ago - laughable.
The caller was surprise that we were so busy, we are but that is not the issue.  Christmas is just weeks away, most replacement bathrooms take 2 weeks to install but many weeks to plan and organise - see my previous blogs for more information.
If you want a new bathroom installed in Decemember ideally you should get quotes in August or September.  The very first week in October just might be enough time.

Saturday, 24 August 2013

Project Management & a new Bathroom or Wetroom

The vast majority of complete bathroom renovations we undertake are completed within 10-12 working days.  In that time we could be taking down a wall, creating a shower enclosure, moving windows.

Every possible tradesmen is often involved in a bathroom renovation:
  • Carpenter, bricklayer, electrician, plasterer, tiler and, of course, plumber.
  • It could also include specialist stone suppliers installing marble or granite. 
  • It could also include a FENSA registered window fitter.
In our experience we often create wetrooms and ensuites where there was not previously one, these involve applying for building regulations approval and meeting with the Building Inspector.

The average cost for most whole bathroom renovations is a little under £10,000.

Of course the price can vary greatly from and for once size is not important.  The big impact on price is the choice of fixtures and fittings.  We love Fired Earth products, who doesn't?  But they are beyond the budget for many of our clients.

Of course there are Jack-of-All trades one man bathroom fitters.  Tara do not work like that.  We schedule each specialist trade to be in the bathroom on the day they are needed and we make sure everything they need is on site when they arrive so they can get on with the job.

Sunday, 9 June 2013

Timescale for Planning a New Bathroom, Shower Room, Ensuite

A complete bathroom renovation will usually take two weeks from start to finish, start being the day the old bathroom is stripped out.  You need to leave months, however, from giving birth to the idea of a new bathroom to getting the building work underway:
Those who call us at the end of November because they want a new bathroom before Christmas will be disappointed.
Whilst it is not set in stone most new bathroom installations are undertaken some 3 to 5 months after the initial enquiry.
Why does it take so long?
* choosing the exact fixtures and fittings - we will help & guide you.
* there can be a lead time to order products and get them in stock.
* finding dates that suit us as the installer and you as the customer.

The point is, if you want to upgrade your bathroom in 6 months or so then it is not too soon to get quotes from installers now.

Wetrooms in Kent & the Southeast

Sometimes we venture in into London, usually south east, we are just working on a quote for a wetroom, project in Greenwich.  There is more about us on our website:

Saturday, 25 May 2013

Kent Wetrooms Designed and Installed ~ across the county

If you are considering installing a luxurious new WET ROOM or bathroom and you are located in Kent then email us or phone us for a quotation 01843 607192.

I would always recommend you get 3 quotations although may of Tara Plumbing's clients do not bother because we have worked for them before or we come so highly recommended via word of mouth.

If you have a fixed budget, such as £10,000, we will work within this and we can probably recommend the best quality items for this budget that you might not find in the shops.

Many of our clients are spending between £10,000 to £30,000.  Price is not always the most important issue so let me tell you why some clients deliberately seek out Tara Plumbing to install their bathrooms, wetrooms and ensuites.

1. All skilled tradesmen (carpenters, electricians, tilers, plumbers, plasterers, etc).
2. Total project management & supervision.
3. The job completed on time.
4.  Our team can handle the unexpected problems that can appear in old, old, old houses.
5.  Creating complete new rooms and working with local authority building control is part & parcel of our everyday work.
6.  We will work with local specialists to create a unique result (eg your local marble or granite specialist)
7.  We build extensions too (usually housing kitchens or bathrooms).

We rarely run over if so it is by 1 day! Bathrooms/wetrooms are usually completed in 10-12 days.

Recent installations have taken us to Chislehurst and to Tenderten.  Most of our work is around Thanet, Canterbury, and Whitstable.

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Hidden cisterns are all very well but what if you do not have the space to conceal the cistern.  You want wall hung, you need a back to the wall toilet.
Then you have to see this:

It is the In-Tank Meridian by Roca.
The cistern is concealed within the bowl, how mazing is that.
I have a Roca toilet in my home and love the look of it but I have never actually seen and touched one of these.